GenomicLand is free software intended for prediction and genomic association studies based on the R software. This computational tool has an intuitive interface and supports large genomic databases, without requiring the user to use the command line. GenomicLand is available in English and requires the Windows operating system. The software includes statistical procedures based on mixed models, Bayesian inference, dimensionality reduction and artificial intelligence. Examples of data files that can be processed by GenomicLand are available. The examples are useful to learn about the operation of the modules and statistical procedures.

GenomicLand was developed for an educational environment.

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Azevedo, C. F.; Nascimento, M.; Fontes, V. C. F.; Silva, F. F.; Resende, M. D. V.; Cruz, C. D. (2019) GenomicLand: Software for genome-wide association studies and genomic prediction. Acta Scientiarum. Agronomy, v. 41, e45361. Doi:

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